Exposing yourself

by Bronwyn

Opportunities arise when you expose yourself to completely new and different situations. When you step outside of the normal everyday practices that you have developed you create opportunities. You may have come to believe that reading, gaining new information will give you new thinking. However this is only one source and the safest as you get to reflect on new thoughts from the safety of your own space. However when you step out of that space and you connect with someone you don’t know or you participate in something you have never done before this creates a whole shift within you.

Some people create strong behavioural patterns. They go to the same restaurant, they eat at the same time, they mix with the same people, they work in the same industry, their colleagues all went to the same university etc. This definitely creates a strong community but the sameness in this does not create opportunities to expose yourself to new things, nor does it create diversity. You may convince yourself that you talk openly with your friends and so you are challenged and not fixed in your thinking. This is just a story that you have created to justify never stepping out of this space.

Staying inside a safe space reduces risk, reduces opportunities, reduces learning and reduces the greatest thing of all, an opportunity to see new perspectives and how you respond to them. To give this up is like denying your right to breathe as exposing yourself gives you life and happiness. To see and be in a situation is completely different from reading about it. To read is to intellectualise, to see and be there is to feel it. Its a bit like reading a travel guide, it is nothing like the real thing. So relinquish the control, step out and fully expose yourself and be prepared to notice a huge smile appear across your face. This is an act of trusting yourself to be able to cope in a new situation and being committed to learning and increasing your self awareness.