Feeling Overwhelmed

by Bronwyn

Everyone at some point in time has experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed. It creeps up on you like the rising of the sun. Before you know it you are overwhelmed. Now what I have observed at this moment in time is that we have a strange psychological reaction to being overwhelmed. We start to believe that we are the only one who can do anything. We hang on to every task and even attempt to make the list of tasks longer. In short we have lost all objectivity.

So how do we manage this feeling of overwhelment (yes this may not be a real word but a real feeling)? The first step is to recognise the signs before you are consumed by the feeling. Just as the sun rises you will see the first indication of change appearing. This will look different for everyone. It may be that you are tired, have ¬†immersed intensely in a particular project or had to travel a great deal for work. Whatever it is it means that your body and mind need a rest. The first sign is that you convince yourself that you don’t have time to stop. So rest does not occur and slowly but surely you get tireder and then lose all perspective.

When this occurs you are of no value to anyone, in particular yourself. So discipline yourself to stop no matter what and take time out to sleep, rest or whatever your body needs. It is critical to your overall success and it models great leadership to employees observing you.