Holding your Breathe

by Bronwyn

Remember when you  had an exciting event or occasion coming up? Maybe you are moving cities or countries or jobs. Maybe you are getting married or watching your children prepare for university. Whatever it may be you will have certain moments in the future to look forward to. However we have a natural tendency to hold our breathe waiting so much for this exciting moment that we forget to live in the moment or to notice what is going on around us. We miss out on great opportunities or experiences all because our mind is judging the present against the future event. The greatest problem with this is that when you get to that moment you have been waiting for you are unable to enjoy the moment as you have trained yourself to think only of the future and to not enjoy the moment. You will notice you need to create another moment in the future to give your life meaning or enjoyment.

With each future event that you dream of and only focus on, you lose the ability to love and live life. You kill the very life out of you. Waiting anxiously for that moment in the future means you are not addressing the fears and concerns you have in the present. Your life will feel a million times greater when you address the fears you have. Then you will enjoy the present and the future event when it comes alone. Life is all about being courageous enough to face up to what comes to us each day. It is not about trying to postpone periods of our life or to cancel them. It is about living each day to the fullest. Do not deny yourself the opportunity to enjoy every moment of life. Have the courage to live each moment to the fullest. Face your fears. I have heard ┬áseveral times in the last week an unknown quote. “We fear failure more than we desire success.”

Create dreams and plans, however remember the journey is the experience. You can never get it back once the moment has passed.