Lost in the Chaos

by Bronwyn

Some leaders get so lost in the chaos of work that they no longer are able to see themselves outside of this context. They begin to create several worlds. There is the world of work, the world of family and the world of timeout. These three worlds may never cross. The amount of energy this requires to manage three compartmentalised areas of your life is huge and very stressful, not to mentioned impossible. Each area of your life will be compromised and by compartmentalising your life it guarantees that communication between all areas is unlikely. Therefore your family doesn’t know about your work and your work doesn’t know about your family.

Apart from the energy this type of lifestyle requires, the greatest area of concern is that you no longer see yourself in a wholistic way. You may not be able to see yourself outside of your current company. However to be more effective in what you do, you need to be following your career plan or your plan for your life not someone else’s plan or a having no plan at all. This means taking time out to reflect on where you want to go and what you ¬†want to achieve. This is outside of the context of your current workplace. This requires looking at the whole you not just bits of you. The greatest way to survive the corporate sector is to be clear about where you are heading. Corporate life can be very chaotic and uncertain. The only certainty you have is the journey that you want to go on. At the moment you are in a company in a certain area. The company is not who you are. The next moment in time may look different. Your life journey exists outside of your company. Your plan includes looking at the whole you and what you want to achieve.

So design your profile outside of the company. Look at all of you and spend time bringing all your worlds together. Create some certainty in your life so you can cope with the corporate chaos.