Making a Deal

by Bronwyn

Today is all about making deals. The skill of the deal maker is critical to the success of the deal. Many people aim to either get a win for themselves or they compromise what they really want and come out with less than they desired. However this loss or compromise is ignored as the deal is done and in reality the intent was to simply make a deal. But what if both parties could achieve a win win outcome? This means setting place two things. The first is the desire or the intent to want to create a win win for both parties and the second is to make no assumptions.

We make many assumptions about why the other party wants the deal but we rarely ask them. You may recall a time when you thought really clearly about what was important to the other party and then suddenly you found out that what they wanted was nothing like what you thought. Ironically what they want is easy for you to give. 

To make a win win deal remove assumptions. Ask the other party what they want, what is the win for them. Then explain what would be a win for you. The myth about holding your cards close to your chest is confused with working out what would be a win win situation. Sometimes what would cost you a lot may not be of great importance to the other party. So open up the conversation and your mind to what would be a win for the other party first. You will discover the many assumptions you are making.