Measuring Success

by Bronwyn

The greatest way to achieve something is to take one step towards it every day. To know at the end of each day that you have moved closer to your goal will leave you feeling energised and confident. Sometimes this is difficult as you may be uncertain as to what your goal is. So begin by determining what success will look and feel like for you. Do not be pressured into creating a success story or picture based on what you think everyone wants. Peer pressure and family pressure are incredible forces. However if you live by them then all you will achieve is your peer and families goals. There is a great argument to be had that achieving your own goals and success, in the format that works best for you, will win out in the end.

To begin to know more about what success is for you requires opening your mind to new ways of thinking. If requires shifting your perspective or the way you see things. It also requires full understanding how to separate out the goals your family or friends have desired from what you desire. Then it requires finding the courage to achieve your measure of success. Success is so often measured according to high profile people. However we do not see the pathway they took or they are not high profile when they are struggling in the early days to achieve their own sense of success. We are generally not interested in these stories, just the end result and then we apply this result to the first step of success. This is a really destructive message and way of thinking.

First step is to identify what you are strong at, your strengths. What do you love doing, get excited about, find your energy levels exploding from? Notice this about yourself. Then once you observe your strengths begin to create some ideas around your strengths. From here take your ideas and turn them into a plan, a pathway, a goal. Then spend the next moment taking the first step towards it. Do not go to bed at night without knowing you have taken one small step everyday towards achieving your goal. Success will be upon you before you know it. The irony is that everyone loves being around a person who feels successful. It is the feeling of success that is contagious and inspiring, the feeling of seeing a confident person. That is what people want more of.