Repeating History

by Bronwyn

The notion of déjà vu is one we are all familiar of. It is that feeling of walking into a room or space and feeling distinctly like we have been there before. It cannot be explained, this feeling, as there is not really a rationale reason for this. Just a sense of something feeling the same as a previous experience. We often have this feeling at other times, not just about the space we are in but the patterns that are repeating in front of us that we have seen before but unlike how we allow the feeling of déjà vu to be felt, this feeling we ignore. We try to place it to the very back of our conscious mind. We think ignoring this will make it go away.

An example of this can be a conversation you are having. You get a feeling that this conversation or the outcome of it is going to go the way of previous conversations that have not had a great end result. But you persevere thinking and trying to look for different elements of it so that you can convince yourself it is actually different. However if you stopped the conversation and spoke about your feelings, just like you would with the feeling of déjà vu then you can bring this issue to the conversation. You can actually manage this and discuss what it is that does not feel right.

We often don’t raise this because we don’t have any evidence of how we feel. It is just our intuitive sense. But if you think back you do have evidence, past experience. Recall the past experience and note what you learnt from it. Then start again. You will achieve a much better result and you will gain confidence in speaking out what probably everyone else in the room also feels.