Self Importance

by Bronwyn

When we have a strong desire to feel self important we may be suffering from ‘the deficit’ condition.┬áHave you ever tried to step back and observe yourself and how you go about your daily work? It is an interesting exercise. On those days where perhaps you are tired or stressed then you will flitter around looking all important. Your ego is soaring and you are pretty much out of control. You have lost sight of your purpose or vision and are free falling. It might feel momentarily great but it is definitely not going to last. Try and catch yourself doing this as quickly as possible so as to put a stop to it. Take a moment and get your focus back on track.

The deficit condition is when we have allowed our internal systems to run too low and we are in a deficit situation. Its a little like spending more than you have available. The condition emerges as a result of giving a great deal. You are giving to employees, your family, your direct reports, maybe even to a board. You are giving to customers and everyone around you. The giving, in this instance, is an action where you are prepared to do things for others that you really don’t need to or don’t want to but you believe it is necessary to make things happen and to achieve a certain result. Basically you are fulfilling your own need not theirs. Your mind switches into overdrive and you feel the need to ‘do’ more and more. You use up all your energy and reserves. People around you start to demand more and more in your mind and you just can’t manage it anymore. You may start to get angry, overwhelmed or stressed. You don’t sleep well and you probably stop all the activities that support you to stay on top of your game.

This is the deficit condition. When this happens you must immediately stop ‘doing’ and get an immediate injection of credit, do things that top up your reserves and fill you. Return to full abundance, where you are overflowing with energy and your objectivity has returned. Go stay in a hotel for a couple of days, sleep, go to the gym, eat healthy food and rest and reflect. Do not answer emails or work. This will require great discipline and a belief in the importance of pursuing your vision. You are the driver of the vision. An unhealthy driver will lead to an unhealthy result. So get out of deficit mode and into credit mode, be self disciplined not self important.