Stress removes Creativity

by Bronwyn

Stress occurs for a whole range of reasons. One significant one is that fear can begin to develop in a certain area of your life. You may try to avoid it, work harder in the hope it will go away, or simply succumb to it. The end result is that you will feel very much out of control, unfocused and at a loss. This is because the person you normally are has been overshadowed by fear or stress. When this occurs your natural ability to be creative, fun and focused disappears. To lose these skills and attributes is also very concerning and so your stress levels increase further. Eventually you may feel as though you are being totally consumed by stress and if you do not address it your body will. Our bodies cannot take this level of stress. You may begin to feel unwell, get a cold, have body aches or a myriad of other aliments. If you also ignore these then you can expect things to become more serious.

If our intellect and feelings don’t address stress then your body takes over. So it requires regaining control of the situation. It is critical to bring yourself back to a place of being more creative and focused and ultimately in better health. As stress creates pressure then the likelihood of stepping back and taking sometime off to reflect or exercise is unlikely. What is critical is that you need to physically shift yourself from the routine of what you are doing. The status quo will not bring about a difference, physical movement will, change in routine will, and exposing yourself to something new so you can create some distance between the stressful situation and yourself will. Stepping back will provide you with another perspective and the distance to be able to see it. When you are under stress it is a bit like being under the microscope. Everything around you is magnified enormously, losing perspective and context. So stepping out from under the microscope allows you to see the situation in context.

We often think that stress is a part of life, and yes it is. It is a choice though as to whether we do something about it and become aware of it as quickly as possible, or ignore it to our detriment.  Remove it quickly so you can feel creative and alive again.