The Speed of Change

by Bronwyn

A great deal of conversation today exists about the speed in which we must change or even our ability to change. It is stated over and over again that we must become familiar with change and see it as a part of life. Obviously this message needs to keep being reiterated as we still don’t get the message. Perhaps we have it in theory but in practice the speed in which we can change takes some time. However how would you feel if you could actually reduce the time in which it would take you to adapt to change?

Take for example a scenario. Your position at work is looking tenuous and maybe you can feel that you will soon be asked to move on. This may be for a whole range of reasons. You can make a couple of choices at this moment in time. You can either fight this decision, withdraw and try and stay away from any conflict or discussions about this, perhaps known as denial, or you can address the situation with your company and plan your exit. In most instances the last option is not taken up as we choose the first couple of options to give us the time needed to adjust to this change. However the first two options may take months and so a great deal of time has been lost and a great deal of stress has been incurred.

The reason why it takes us a long time to change is because of the level of attachment or control we want to have over others and situations. Detachment is being in command only of your own conduct. Life is full of duality, good and bad. Attachment and detachment is also based on duality. To be able to live freely and to be able to adapt quickly to change you need to be detached from situations so that you can move freely forward. It is not easy to only be in command of your own life, especially if you are managing others in a workplace. However this is what management is all about, supporting others to be in command of their own conduct. It is not about controlling or commanding others. We are usually motivated to control things because we are afraid to let go of what is around us. We make up stories, which are actually lies to comfort or convince ourselves that we need this level of control. But at the end of the day it is this level of control that actually makes our life stressful and challenging. It slows our speed of change.