Vested Interest

by Bronwyn

Some companies are never able to move forward in the way they desire because someone has a vested interest. This means that they are protecting themselves and personally invested in the outcome of everyday business. Another way of saying this is that they are attached to the outcome and so it is very personal. They make decisions based on this perspective, not on the needs of the business. They are unable to objectively discuss business and as a result the business stops growing. The only way forward is to understand what you are attached to and to let it go. The irony is that you will gain more by doing this than by being attached and suffocating the life out of everything you touch.

Stepping back or detaching from something is not easy. The first step is awareness. Be aware that you are attached to a situation or outcome. An indication is that you may feel quite stressed when discussing certain subjects or feel sick in the pit of your stomach. Then ask yourself why this is the case. When you gain your answer seek to resolve how you feel by addressing it directly. For example you may be attached to sales results, because you feel that they will reflect you and if they are not good you will be a failure. Why you feel like this is because you have a fear of failing. So now you separate out this feeling from the situation you are working on.

Addressing this fear requires thinking through why you feel like this. Once you are clear about this then you can begin to make some choices. You can let go of the failure, choose to see your life from another perspective or work through step by step of starting to feel stronger about yourself and focus on what you have achieved not what you might fail at in the future. Return to your personal and business vision and focus on that, not on failure. This may feel like a fair bit of work but if you don’t do it then you will fail as you are unable to make good decisions and you have lost focus on the big picture. So let go, detach and you might actually find you feel a little lighter as the weight of attachment is heavy.